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Patty smiling behind a tree wearing a yellow dinosaur bucket hat

Artist. Thinker. Do-er.

Patty Pi is a Taiwanese-American multimedia artist based between Taiwan and the States. She loves using her hands to create - constantly finding new materials, techniques, and projects to become engrossed in. Her curiosity and passion for learning new things has driven her to try her hand at various hobbies and trades - from woodworking to sewing to sculpture to painting... nothing is off limits.

Much of the inspiration behind her projects comes from her daily life and the conversations she has with the people around her. She loves meeting people and engaging conversations that turn her brain and expand her worldview. 

Patty graduated Colorado College cum laude in 2022 with a BA in Art: Integrative Design. Currently on her journey to discovering and learning more about the possibilities and connections art can bring into the conversation. 

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If you're interested in commissioning or collaborating on a project together:

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