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Thread, Paper

Taipei, Taiwan


When was the last time you sat down and wrote a letter? 


This series of hand-embroidered cards explores the way communication can build/strengthen our connections and create a sense of community. 


The lines on the paper weave together, intersect one another, or run parallel to each other… mimicking the way we may enter or exit of various relationships as we grow and go through different stages of life. 


In this fast-paced, productivity driven society, we often forget to slow down - to take a deep breath and take time to reflect on who and what holds us together. The format of a letter can better encourage us to let go and share our thoughts more openly. Whether it’s building rapport with yourself, someone, or something, this series challenges the sender to foster connection and understanding through written communication. 


Within each card packet is a different prompt designed to inspire writing. There are more than 25 unique prompts and counting. 


This is and open invitation to opportunity to (re)connect with the self, someone, or something, this season and all the ones after. 


happy writing~

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