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Plaster hand wrapped with red string holding red hammer with black handle

Who are the people working behind-the-scenes to care of our public spaces..? 

How can we show appreciation for the work that they do...?

Plaster hand wrapped with red string holding red plastic scrub

Helping Hands

Plaster, String, Various tools

Colorado Springs, Colorado 


This art installation piece is dedicated to the essential individuals who work quietly in the background to keep our public spaces running. Each hand, wrapped in a network of red string, highlights how they are inextricably tied to the work itself to support the larger community. The different red object illustrate the variety of work done to maintain this building - a paintbrush, a hammer, a scrubber, etc. The hands leave behind an imprint of the labor completed, a lingering object to serve as a reminder of who was there before. 
To all the people running support -  thank you.

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