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White embroidered sweatshirt with coordinates and screen printed designs on the front


Sweatshirt, Thread, Ink 

Colorado Springs, Colorado 


White embroidered sweatshirt with coordinates and screen printed icons on the back

My father was born in 1936 roughly around 36.6683° N, 117.0208° E. immigrant. offers a glimpse into a fraction of my father’s story through the combination of screen printing and embroidery. It was my attempt to understand his life better, another way to try to bridge the gap spanning 2 generations. His journey was something he spoke very little about and when he does, he recounts them in bits and pieces - scattered fragments of a turbulent life. From escaping war to driving taxis to becoming an entrepreneur and starting several companies, his story is one of perseverance, failure, success, and everything in between. 
What does our mind forget in order to protect ourselves? 
What do we choose to remember and hold on to in order to survive?
How does the clothing we wear reflect a part of who we are? 
I used coordinates as a way to represent the in/accessibility of his history - how it requires more labor to uncover and shouldn’t be so easily accessed by the viewer. Only through conversation can these histories unfold. The imagery serve as reminders of some of the events unfolding during those times. 
This piece is a work in progress as my understanding of his journey is nowhere near whole nor is it done being told. 

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