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Journal - For the sprinkled thoughts and ideas living in Patty's head



This series of hand-embroidered cards explores the way letter writing can build/strengthen our connections and create a sense of community no matter where we are in the world. Within each card packet is one of twenty five unique prompts designed to inspire your writing and focus some thoughts.

This is and open invitation to go prepare a hot cup of tea/coffee for yourself. Grab your favorite pen(s). Sit down and start putting ink on paper with no distractions from technology. 


Use this opportunity to (re)connect with the self, someone, or something, this season and all the ones after.


happy writing~

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Journal - For the sprinkled thoughts and ideas living in Patty's head


mem.oir - the making of a thesis

5 months (or more like 23 years) in the making has culminated in my senior thesis - mem.oir - exhibited in the Spring of 2022. 
mem.oir is a deep dive into unraveling and processing on my life experiences through writing and making art. It focused on themes of identity, belonging, and home-making. It was an opportunity to take a step back, slow down, and process my life (particularly the last couple of years). In the rat race that we live in, there is seldom time given for meaningful rest and reflection. This was my attempt to carve out time and space to begin looking inwards, to make sense of my life and how it’s led me to become the person I am today.
This project was a practice in patience, reflection, and self-discovery. I learned to trust the process and remained open to the different ways this project has shifted over time. I discovered my love for writing as a way to reflect and as a form of catharsis. I wrote various letters and poems inspired by my conversations (or lack thereof) and relationships with the people in my life. Some I shared openly and as part of my thesis while others never see the light of day. I was reacquainted with myself through tracing the contours of my body with strips of plaster cloth and seeing the shapes they formed as they dried. The shadows casted by the bodies and the words that accompanied the pieces were in conversation with each other, influencing the final outcome. 

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two plaster casted bodies suspended in air with black text on the wall in the back

Sprinkled Thoughts

missing... is a good thing...?

I remember Brandon Shimoda once said in one of our conversations that maybe... missing was a good thing. I keep returning to that idea, wondering how "missing" can be good?... wondering how longing can influence the choices we make and the people we become?

i miss you black text on white wall


on film...

the memories feel different. maybe it's the graininess... or  the faded colors... maybe it's the preciousness of the subject matter... a yearning for the past?

landscape photograph of taipei with taipei 101 in the distance

新店 - 台灣 on Kodak 

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